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I'm currently looking for work.

System Administration

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I require a job

evan.g.hoose (at),

and my resume is online here and available to download here.

Here's some more background about my experience in these and related fields.

System Administration

In addition to my Development skills, I enjoy/prefer doing system administration type work. I do have some experience in this field, including:

I have system administration experience with Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Alpine Linux, but have a firm enough grasp of Linux system administration to run any Linux based OS. I am always happy to learn new operating systems, I would be delighted to have the chance to learn OpenBSD and willing to learn Windows Server.

Web Development

I have experience as a freelance Web Developer.

In addition to my general development skills, I work hard to create sites that are both beautiful and simple enough to just work. In addition, I am willing to help my clients learn enough Web Development to both teach themselves more and do basic maintenance on their own site. I firmly believe that when you work with a freelancer to get a website made, you are purchasing the code, and you deserve to have the ability to modify, upgrade, update, and repair it yourself.

Information Security

My end goal is to pursue a career in Information Security. If you have advice, or offers in regards to this pursuit, I would be delighted to hear from you at my email above.